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The Tetris® game is one of the most popular electronic games of all time with hundreds of millions of players worldwide. Simple to play, yet difficult to master, Tetris is the ultimate puzzle game. As easy to learn as it is addictive, it will keep both the casual and seasoned pro entertained for hours. Download and play the free mobile game now!

Please be sure to keep your notifications on, as we plan to launch some very exciting updates in the future, including multiplayer modes and other new features that you don’t want to miss.

• Traditional Gameplay – Put your Tetris skills to the test. Clear lines and score BIG!
• Intuitive Touch Controls – Place and rotate Tetriminos with ease and accuracy
• Offline Play – Play Tetris anytime, anywhere
• Themes & Avatars – Show your Tetris style with over 5 themes & 50 avatars to choose from

Tetris ® & © 1985~2020 Tetris Holding. All Rights Reserved.Sub-licensed to N3TWORK™

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  1. Ducks are ur lords Reply

    Vote for the best theme
    A. 8 bits
    B. 8 bits
    C. 8 bits
    D. 8 bits
    E. 8 bits
    F. 8 bits

  2. The Card man Reply

    I really know something!
    If you pick 8 bit and got 4 of the layers it will be colourful then go back to normal.

  3. immortal Immortals Reply

    my record is 78.379 points at level 11 which is like hell 😱 would be cool if we can see the high scores of other players, or maybe a multiplayer mode with upcoming updates 🤔

  4. DerisedEgami Reply

    I'd love to know if this game will support the use of a contoller. I see they plan to add multiplayer, later on. Very sad to see all the other Tetris games disappear. Hopefully this new license situation will give us all some great new versions. Ubisoft's version, on the xbox One, was and is an absolute flop.

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