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Outro Song created by “Teknoaxe”. It’s called “I’m everywhere” and you can listen to it here


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  1. Kevin already has the upper hand as he played this by himself already

  2. Victoria Lirley Reply

    I think u have a twin cuz u and Brian, I think that's the one with the pig and sheep. That's just freaking me out. 😱

  3. If terrorizer plays with jack then technically there is a possibility of h20 and jack meeting.

  4. While I love them all when they get together, Jack and Kevin's interactions are by far my favorite.

  5. Droidix Bacon Reply

    Fun fact: you can play this in vr

    This is only useful to the 6 people who have vr headsets and a freind who also has a vr headset

  6. One time I was playing Life with a friend. When it came time for my friend to get married, I asked if they wanted a boy wife or a girl wife. XD

  7. snowy gaming Reply

    Jack I must inform you and other people that think this is true as a a person who lives in a log cabin it's not that bad… Beside the bears… And when you get snowed in… And you have nobody around you for miles to help if you're in trouble… And the fact that you have to do burn piles… And the fact that the internet is crap… Mmhhh

  8. RT should know by now that anytime Kevin is within the vicinity of other humans,things dont go as planned.

  9. “i went to college twice and dropped out once and now i’m a hotel manager”
    idk why this is making me laugh so hard

  10. Eijiro Kirishima Reply

    What joke did Brian's dad make about me and my artistic friends


  11. I remember a few years ago when me and my family were playing this after my birthday party was over my cousin was really broke and he got the most expensive house in the game and he screamed WHY CANT I BE A HOBO and everyone bursted out laughing it was hilarious 😂🤣😂

  12. Jack: does video with other irishmen
    Also Jack: increasingly gets more irish

  13. Embers Of August Reply

    Is it just me or does Jackaboi sound even more Irish in this video? Lol

  14. Jacob Hedrick Reply

    Jack: ‘’everyone’s calling me poor in chat’’ Everyone in chat: HA HA POOR

  15. Crystal Naliborski Reply

    jack i had to make this joke im sorry XD

    unholy screech more like holy scream of kicking shari's A$$ XD (best joke i have come up with XD)

    oki im not sorry lmao

  16. Connor McNeil Reply

    Hehehe…it’s like the “Wolf of WOOL Street”!….Am I right??

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