#agadmator Emil Joseph Diemer was born in 1908 in the German town Radolfzell, in Baden. In 1931, he was out of work and joined the German Nazi party, where he became an active member. He was present at all important international chess events, and became the “chess reporter of the Great German Reich”: his articles appeared in Nazi publications. In 1942-1943, he played correspondence and tournament games with Klaus Junge.

Emil Joseph Diemer vs Thomas Heiling
“The Pawnmower Man” (game of the day Jun-15-2006)
Nurenberg Open (1984), Germany
Lion Defense: Lion’s Jaw (B07)

1. d4 Nf6 2. f3 d6 3. e4 g6 4. g4 Bg7 5. g5 Nfd7 6. f4 c5 7. d5 b5 8. c3 a6 9. h4 Nb6 10. h5 e6 11. h6 Bf8 12. a4 ed5 13. a5 N6d7 14. ed5 Be7 15. c4 f6 16. cb5 fg5 17. f5 gf5 18. Qh5 Kf8 19. Nf3 Rg8 20. b6 Bb7 21. Nc3 Nf6 22. Ng5 Nh5 23. Ne6 Ke8 24. Nd8 Ng3 25. Nb7 Nh1 26. Bf4 Rg6 27. O-O-O Nf2 28. Re1 Kd7 29. Nb5 Ne4 30. Re4 Rg1 31. Re1 Rf1 32. Rf1 ab5 33. Rg1 Kc8 34. Nd6 Bd6 35. Bd6 Nd7 36. Rg8 Kb7 37. Rg7 Kc8 38. Rh7 Ra5 39. b7 Kb7 40. Rd7 Kc8 41. h7 Ra1 42. Kc2 Kd7 43. h8Q Kd6 44. Qd8 Ke5 45. d6

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  1. Edward Wong Reply

    2:37 – "It looks like a crab with pincers"

    ^ Twitch would have loved that quote and made it a meme. You were way ahead of your time. 😉

  2. Will O. The Wisp Reply

    Is this guy the one who started the so called Black Deimer Gambit Opening for black?

  3. Arfael Ragnarok Fenrisulfr Reply

    2:41 I would have captured the pawn with the light square bishop

  4. Hendriesantio Reply

    Like Naruto whose using his Harem No Jutsu to save the shinobi world. There is possibility that this tactic gonna win world championship someday

  5. I tried this method and I finally won!… against a 750 elo computer…

  6. Seymour Glass Reply

    Replace all of Diemer's pieces with pawns except for the king.

  7. 2:36 perhaps not as potent as the wooden shield, the lobster pincer is a great play by Diemer

  8. That was a really awesome game, don't underestimate a pawn or groups of 'em.

  9. TheMaharishi Reply

    This is my favorite game of all time. He probably faked being insane so he could play blind chess against himself full time XD

  10. Włodzimierz Włosimięta Reply

    He enjoyed openings which included F3? Horrible!

  11. Chess Madness Reply

    at 6:50 rook e8 is not checkmate cause king can takes knight

  12. Joshua Kropik Reply

    2:36 Ah yes the lobster pincer, should have blocked with the wooden sheild

  13. at 6:47 he mentions that rook to E8 would be a checkmate, but couldn't Thomas then just take the knight at B7 and escape the check, or am I missing something?

  14. 6:46 – I don’t think Re8+ is mate. Not on this move anyway. Unless I’m missing something black can just play Kxb7…

  15. 8:01 what about pawn in A6 check ! if the black rook takes it , it's checkmate. if the king takes it the white takes the rook and check

  16. Watched this again… Yes more than once. Agadmator, I really enjoy your videos. Thank you

  17. Raviraj Gardi Reply

    There are technically sound Masters in every sport and then there are Artists.. 🙂

  18. Adam Moloney Reply

    F3, the pale face attack, something Emil as a former nazi was particularly fond of.

  19. He joined the Nazi party. He did mostly chess related stuff. After the war ended…

    Feels like a lot of details were skipped 😂😂

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