Someone was really nice to rip all the audio files from the game Transistor, and I set to put together all of the lines of the very last Camerata member, Royce Bracket. A lot of these were never heard in the original game, so if you’re wondering “hey, where does one hear this line in the game”, it probably was cut out before the game was released.

Royce Bracket is voiced by Sunkrish Bala. He does an amazing job at bringing this character to life, if you ask me.

(A couple of notes: a couple of the lines have some weird electronic noises – those were in the original files, and I left them because I was unsure whether they were intentional or not. Also, the last two lines Royce has, unfortunately, could not be found in the files that were ripped, so I had to use the audio for them from other videos, hence the noise in the background.)


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  1. Bryce Takahashi Reply

    14:56 😨 Hey… that’s exactly what he sai… oh no…

  2. GiveMeShrubs Reply

    11:05 he sounds like he's coming to terms with something… expressing sympathy for the people he's helped kill/transisterfy

  3. Fangaming Facts Reply

    I'm surprised how much worse this all sounds without the audio effects layered in-game. You don't even notice how compressed it really is.

  4. Steam Punkster Reply

    His voice reminds me of the actor who played Harrison Welles in The Flash.

  5. You know when you hear someone's voice and they just sound tired and not-fully-there, especially when they're rambling? And you want to tell them to go to sleep and take it easy. That's how Royce makes me feel and I think it fits with his character quite well. There's some sadness, some loneliness, and a little bit of boredom all mixed up into one package.

  6. Royce sounds like should be running a nice quiet little podcast about the Byzantine Empire or something.

  7. I just love his quirky way of speaking. How he repeats some phrases. It really adds character to a person we don't really know much about.

  8. Spiffinly Corbee Reply

    Is there a big file of all the mp3's together separately. I would love to use some of his quirky lines as ringtones lmao

  9. Queen vitery The davada Reply

    To me with royce "listening to him is like nails scraping on a board"prof of great voice acting but I really hate itXD
    Boxer how ever is so sex 😍

  10. Aidan Fenton Reply

    The dissonance between his looks and his voice is HUGE, but I still rather like it. The one complaint I have about it is that it sounds too elderly

  11. SPECTACULAR voice acting. I know not everyone likes his voice, but I think it's perfect for his character. He sounds intense and yet strangely detatched. Like he's exhausted but still restless. Ooof and his voice in that last clip. So mocking and yet so foreboding aaah!

  12. it sounds like a voice actor imitating philip seymour hoffman playing some role where he has to talk like that

  13. This was a great character, and his excentric way of speaking is so memorable.

  14. princessthyemis Reply

    "And you've been dragging like that. On the ground."
    I love it. 😀

  15. princessthyemis Reply

    They couldn't have gotten a more amazing guy to do his voice!!

  16. SilverDragonLancer Reply

    Oh man I wanna play the game again! Maybe i will! 😀
    Also oh my I forgot how much I liked his voice, kinda soothing somehow.

  17. All the voice actors in this game are amazing, but this guy just has a spectacular voice that catches on!

  18. both blue and royce say "please don't be gone" very similarly. probably nothing but i found it interesting, as both of them say it in kinda similar situations

  19. Damn that voice actor was so perfect or the character, I didn't remember it like that xD

  20. Travis Thunderpaw Reply

    Some of Royce's clips sound different because the ones where he sounds old are from the Recursion Mode from this game

  21. No…no it can't…be gone…please don't be gone…please…don't…

  22. Oh, this is just too perfect. Thank you very much for posting this! I couldn't figure out the rip myself and wound up playing through the whole game again just to manually record the lines in-game.

  23. Darkmegagaming Reply

    I wish he used more of those battle quotes. "Oops, there goes breach(). How embarassing…" that sounds almost like a taunt if he overloads breach() on you. Which I actually never used as a direct attack in the fight. cause I had him on crash() along with jaunt() which is one of my "bread and butter" combinations so to speak… Insta-fire stunlock during turn recharge, so good.

    He was awfully silent except for his post overload speeches. but it twas a good fight non-the-less. Came back to the game and did a fresh run recently and he nearly got me cause I did something a bit too experimental. but good fight, probably a favorite boss fight in my books. 😀 just wish the controls were more responsive during turn slow so you could actually use jaunt or mask during a turn rush to pre-empt him, and in return so could he. Be a lot more tense that way. Cause I found function buttons wouldn't work during the time slow which was a downer, would've added more skill to it, rather than a back and forth DPS spree. but oh well.

  24. Royce sounds just like a narrator in the Tiananmen Square documentary… made my heart skip a beat.

  25. This is absolutely incredible. Has someone done this for Blue/The Transistor?

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