I’ve looked everywhere for a video with all the dialogue of the sword from the game, “Transistor”. As what I’m doing is playing the game with the music and sfx turned off, so there’s still alot to go through. And I might not even get to it all since the game doesn’t like to let you go back into areas you were just in.

There are some parts where the audio is funky because I either went into Turn() while he was talking by accident (sorry!) and other times it was just after you beat a mob. Also, the dialogue is OUT OF ORDER, and SPOILER WARNING So yeah more to come later!
Thanks for watching!

And for copyright purposes,Transistor was made by Super Giant Games, and I do not own the dialogue itself.

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  1. Emilia Boleyn Reply

    7:12 look whatever you're thinking, do me a favor
    don't let me go

  2. Felix Faber Reply

    Playing this with the soundtrack in a second tab is just perfect.

  3. Aw, this is lovely! I think my favorite thing is how sincerely Mr. Nobody seems to care about the well-being of other peeps. Like when they come across Lillian Platt, at about 1:25 in-video and Mr. Moyle at 3:34 ish. Those greetings're just so concerned and patient! And I think that nuance won me over. A gentle sword, what a novel concept!

  4. Etien Jasonson Reply

    Do you know when you will have all the other voice extracts out? I know the tremendous amount of work it takes but I've been searching for exactly this for months now! Eek!!

  5. Etien Jasonson Reply

    This is literally perfect thank you so much you are a legend!!!!

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