TribeZ Version: 9.9.15

TribeZ Tutorial: Designing a Beautiful Village

Possible reasons why some villages are so cluttered & messy:

1. For maximum output, e.g. golds, resources etc.
2. For tournaments.
3. No idea how to go about designing a pleasant looking village.

Some only enjoy the result, while others enjoy the process… If you’re the latter, you got to find a way to design your village more beautifully & meaningfully…

The best clue to help you in designing a better village is ‘Storytelling’, which means every single placement of your building has a story to tell… By doing so, that makes your TribeZ gaming
experience more fun and meaningful…

Hope you’ll find this video insightful.


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  1. Hmm definitely going to steal a few ideas for my village!! Haha

  2. jaheem Blake Reply

    U shud go check my villages out.. hit me up, the are super nice. (Jaheem)…

  3. Nice village. I have numerous things the same or similar, although I prefer to use Slabs as path instead of the one you use. It connects to each other better so you don't recognize each tile when you look at it.

    Also I made a square with my main building being centralized, when I expand more I will move it more towards middle and make it bigger. Then I gather everyone for a party there just to chill for once and appreciate the accomplishments all of them did throughout my endless hours of gameplay.

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