This video is sponsored by MY.GAMES – Breakout is available now on PS4 and Xbox One: – It’s time to get tactical!
Today we’re taking our first look at Warface: Breakout gameplay & giving you my first impressions of the new tactical 5v5 shooter coming to Xbox One and PS4. Leave a like if you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching!

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This channel is all about FPS gameplay, sniping, tips & tricks and guides! I mainly do Battlefield gameplay and Battlefield sniping but I also play Call of Duty, Warzone, Battlefront and I love Battle Royale. I often play solos, duos and squads. I have 1000 hours experience in every Battlefield and I hope to play more FPS games in 2020. I hope you enjoy my sniper gameplay and Warzone gameplay as much as I do making it.


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  1. Football Heroes Reply

    They literally took the old game which felt terrible and just made the csgo/valorant gamemode

  2. My bro playing D17 that is my fave plant the bomb map in old warface

  3. Abdollah1010 Reply

    If there’s any rank 1 players can you help me get the ak bayonet

  4. It doesn’t even look like a tactical shooter though, you can ads and strafe which basically is the whole appeal of tactical shooters, looks more like cod then csgo

  5. It an okay game but there should make it free probably would get more popular

  6. YOUTUBE_Armadelo3520 Reply

    enebody fell like that coped blacklight retribution???????????

  7. Cody McKinney Reply

    This game needs, a death match, more recoil on guns, better sounds for hit markers, and better sounds for guns.

  8. Sehr Sehr schlechte Server auf Ps4!
    Unspielbar also die ersten games gingen klar aber es wird immer schlimmer.

  9. Using grenades to take someone out in the start of the game. Hah he even played this game? Lol

  10. Hey everyone reading this comment try crossfirex it’s way better than this bata is done tomorrow and is exactly like counterstrike but only on Xbox for now

  11. Bruh theres such thing as RAINBOW SIX: SEIGE
    Which is basically a more advanced cod s&d/cs:go that you can play on console and pc.

  12. James Merritt Reply

    dont buy game on console every gun fight turns into a lag fight its terrible

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