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Matt, Paul and Gregg play Drinkopoly the Monopoly drinking game.

Grab your copy of Drinkopoly here:

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  1. Noah Copeland Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks Greg looks exactly like Matt, but without the beard?

  2. Amanda Hartig Reply

    Matt: You're not allowed to cuss.
    Also Matt: Take off your foreskin.

    Gotta love these guys lol

  3. Shady Urbexer Reply

    who the hell says you cant do fat shaming? is there an unwritten law now or are we just dealing with dumb milennials getting offend all the time again? and if so why let the rule what you thing and say?

  4. It's sad to see this channel only getting this many views. It deserves so much more attention for the content they produce and the pain they go through to make that content

  5. Violent Gamer Reply

    What happened to the old crew? Been off this channel for a little over a year

  6. Man it's been like idk how many years since I've watched u guys I remember the old crew Idk what happened but u guys are still pretty Entertaining

  7. What was the name of the girl you used to collab with? She had blonde hair? I remember her uploading a video where she went into a cave that she found and it had what looked like a ritual of some sort at the end. Been pissing me off for weeks then remembered she was on your channel a few times.

  8. el mas loco Reply

    This channel is going to defenatly going to die u guys should upload more videos dont do it to go viral do it for fun views will come

  9. Sebastian Kroyer Reply

    WTF the subscriber count is 1,353,666.the last digits are 666

  10. Gorilla Gaming Reply

    Wow just came back to the his channel after 2 years and they still upload wtf why don't any of your vids get on recommended anymore?

  11. Anyone sense an overall sadness with this channel as of late? Just isn't the same.

  12. Ramona Dreaam Reply

    Oh my God guys – I am so glad that you are back with a video – love you so much 💓 Best wishes from Austria 💓

  13. messiah messi Reply

    Wheres my challenge could do is drinking while playing multigame golf with friends while drunk. Take it in turns and have to drink how many goes they do each?

  14. The Gaming Bro4 Reply

    Who remembers the hot dog challenge where Matt had to eat them whole 😂

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