Since the marksmen are back in meta I had to try this solo kill turtle 🐢

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  1. Hey guys! Sorry for not uploading these last days. I have been rly busy, but now I'm back and will upload some good vids everyday, also another cheater exposing video. TURN ON THOSE NOTIFICATIONS ❤

  2. Jaybloggs 34 Reply

    This is the first time I saw someone kill the turtle in mobile legends lol. Most of the people playing the game are brain dead and forget about the lord and turtle.

  3. I have no idea for name Reply

    Guys he shouldnt have used roger ult cuz if he uses his ult he will be fighter which will be soo unfair

  4. jo zenith maglasang Reply

    Ok ok this vid is good but roger is my cool but you dont be a wolf!?

  5. Kochiro Megan Reply

    You can't kill the turtle with just "speed boots" that's why alot of them are "fails"

  6. Emerald_Stars Gaming Reply

    Hanabi has higher damage when 1st skill is turned off,but i guess shes gonna die anyways

  7. Ivan Lance Valeroso Reply

    Your a noob lesley player ican kill turtel in level 4 with nimble blade and rapid boots

  8. I think itz unfair for hanabi since u didn't use her ultimate move

  9. Jeon Lee-min Reply

    To people who said why not use other heroes ulti u must be new are you?

    No offense

  10. Carlos Geonzon Reply

    Wait Layla? Mm? Freakin everyone is using her as tank at rank!!!!!!!

  11. When farming with kimmy, rotate around the jungle monster, you can rotate around any jungle monster while hitting them without getting hit once.

  12. Chinie Claire Reply

    That's unfair for Roger, other hero used their Ulti, But Roger didn't

  13. i an a statue Reply

    Yep it's obvious that all the heroes who failed are the ones whose ulti only works at the fiend's hero.

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