In this Harry Potter DIY video we’ll be making Harry Potter Monopoly. Enjoy!


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Cutting Mat –
X-Acto Knife –
Metal Ruler –
Glue Stick –
Paper Clamps –
11×17 Paper –
Card Stock –
Book Binding Tape –
Monopoly Houses –
Dice –
Presentation Board –

MY PRINTER (inkjet)

Deviant Art:

Muggle Magic
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Bloomington, IN 47407
United States



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  1. Heather Edmundson Reply

    So I had to sign up only to find out that the templates aren’t free. Only your post says free downloadable template…false advertising, man.

  2. I scored a 2000 version of the Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone with all the pieces. Should I turn it into Harry Potter monopoly??

  3. Jeevan Ganatra Reply

    Is there any way you could email me the templates from this video and the ones for the box?

  4. Tonya & Joe McFarland Reply

    So broken hearted to not be able to get the templates 🙁

  5. Hello there! Is it possible that you email the templates (that were removed)? I wanted to gift by daughter this Xmas… Thank you!

  6. When I watched this video
    U had 510 subs I'm sure
    But u now have more than 50k
    Nice job man

  7. Georgie Davey Reply

    What a shame the template was removed! What a fantastic idea, and great design

  8. Dávid Németh Reply

    Does anyone still got the templates and could send it to me please? I fell in love with this monopoly the moment I saw it!
    Great work man! 12 out of 10!

  9. Catherine Jaworsky Reply

    I've been looking for a HP template for monopoly for AGES to make for my cousin, and I'm in love with yours!! Would it be possible to share the template with me?? Hoping to use it to make a Christmas Gift! Thanks!

  10. did anyone got the template(before wb remove it🙃)my friend is a huge fan of Harry potter and monopoly,this would be the best gift for her birthday!

  11. Giannis Diam Reply

    Can anyone help me? Is bookbinding tape, the same as duct tape? Here in Greece I can't find such thing as bookbinding tape.

  12. The golden Impala 394 Reply

    I am a huuuuge fan of Harry potter and i love the way you made the game not Harry potter but wizarding World

  13. pro_procrastinator Reply

    Does anyone know where the templates are?? I can’t find them….

  14. nooooooo!!!! the template was removed!!! Damn it! Would have been perfect for my party…. 🙁

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